Therapeutic Tuning Fork – Model 128 Hz

Is a universal tuning fork that can be placed on all parts of the body and vibrates into the bone mass. It relieves joint and muscle pain and improves blood circulation. Two vibrating 128 Hz tuning forks just a few centimeters from each ear create a beautiful deep tone that is excellent for letting go before a reiki session, massage, sonology, reflexology, « grounding » and relaxation.

Take the tuning fork by the rod or at the top of the rod with the index finger, the middle finger and the thumb, strike with the mallet and place the rod on the part to be treated, wait until the tuning fork no longer vibrates and start again.

IMPORTANT NOTE: this does not replace in any way medical treatment. Pacemaker, pregnant woman, metals inside the body refrain.

Available now

  • Canada $40.00 + $16.00 H&S
  • Europe 30 euros + 13 euros S&H