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Thanks to Alan from Kaleidophonics Radio Network (Eureka) California to play the album COMPASSION

Special thanks to Culture Centre du Quebec, a resource organization aimed at supporting and promoting the artists from the Centre du Quebec.

Special thanks to Benno Veugen ( Netherland ) that chose and broadcasted our track "Satori" at Radio Show on ZFM Zand Voort, DAB satellite radio ( Digital Audio Broadcasting)

Thanks to Hypno Station (Central Macedonia, Greece) who is broadcasting COMPASSION album.

Thanks to our friends Oleg et Evgenia from Lounge Space Radio, New York (USA), broadcasting our creations. The best relaxing music from the Big Apple.

Thanks to Tom from InnerRadio (Warsaw) Poland who is broadcasting COMPASSION album.

Thanks to Jairo O Salles de Musicalissima (BeloHorizonte), Brazil, for releasing the album COMPASSION. The musical styles are: instrumental, classical, jazz, film music.

Thanks to Juan Ramon from Relaxfm (Valencia) Spain to broadcast our albums, a DAB+ radio (digital audio broadcasting+) by satellite

The recordings of the album RÉSONANCES expérience 111 hz will begin in September. A sound frequency that we find in Blu Rooms and pyramids that promotes deep relaxation and well-being.

We are officially member of Indie-Collaborate New York, to be the vehicle by which independent musicians and industry professionals could find each other, and form lasting bonds of friendship.

Thanks to John Watson from Sleep Radio Te Aroha ( New Zeland) chosing from album Fleur de Vie. This radio broadcasts in 190 countries.

Thanks to Radio Senior Skane (Suede) for broadcasting our creations

Thanks to Bibiano Bibeiro Goncalves Junior Votuporango-SP (Brazil) an international radio station that shares our repertoire with its listeners

Thanks to Unisarc Estereo Santa Rosa De Cabal (Colombia) The radio of the rural and agricultural university for broadcasting our albums.

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Fleur de vie



Member of Culture Centre du Québec

Mindful Music Association

Institut Source Santé

Répertoire d'animation culturelle

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  • La Clé d'Or, Boutique de santé spirituelle
    La Clé d’Or, Boutique de santé spirituelle

  • Mindful Music ASsociation
    Member ( Chicago)
  • La 4e porte
    La 4e Porte


Merci à tous ces diffuseurs de nous supporter

  • Radio Plenitude
    Partenaire- France
  • Radio Tone Air
    Partenaire- France
  • Radio TerraZen
    Partenaire – France
  • Prog Core Radio
    Partenaire- Montréal
  • Mix Live, Irlande
    Partenaire- Irlande
  • Radio Hogar de la Brisa
    Partenaire – Espagne
  • Perfect New Age
    Partenaire- Espagne (Îles Baléares)
  • Indie Collaborative
    Partenaire- Indie Collaborative, New York
  • Lounge Space Radio
    Partenaire- New York


Kaleidophonics Radio Network
Californie, É-U      

ZFM, Pays-Bas

Hypno Station, Macedoine Centrale

Musicalissima, Brésil

InneRadioCom, Pologne
Pays-Bas Macédoine Centrale Brésil Pologne

Sleep Radio, Nouvelle Zelande

Radio Senior Skane

Agenda cultural internacionais

RELAXFM La radio del beinestar
Nouvelle Zélande Suède Brésil Espagne

Calm Radio

Yimago Radio 4

Radio Synthetique, Toronto, Canada

Qub Radio,plate-forme numérique Montréal
Ontario, Canada Ontario, Canada Toronto, Canada Plate-forme numérique Montréal, Canada

Radiophile CA

Forest Green Radio

Montréal, CA Nouveau-Brunswick CA Colombie

Sepia Mediterranee

Witches Radio

France France France

Magic Project Radio, France

Radio Partage, France
France France

Radio Nature

Perfect Radio - New Age
Espagne Espagne Espagne

Music Lake Radio

New Age Music Circle

Cleansing Music Radio

Californie, USA Membre Californie USA La plus grande collection de musique au monde, USA Californie, USA

Sensitive Evolution Radio

Maryland USA San Francisco, USA

Intranature Californie

Radio World, Oregon

Rawa Radio
Californie, USA Oregon, USA Oregon, USA Illinois USA

Metaphysical Talk Radio, Tennessee

On Cue 365, Arkansas

KTLH-DB Eunice
Tennessee, USA Arkansas, USA Nouveau Mexique, USA

One World Music Radio

Moon Phase Radio, Royaume-Uni

Radio Clevedon

Positivity Radio, Grande-Bretagne
Royaume-Uni Royaume-Uni Royaume-Uni Grande-Bretagne

Kinderling Radio, Australie

Gaia Fm Tauranga, Nouvelle Zélande
Australie Nouvelle Zélande  

Peaceful Radio

Radio Cornda, Pays-Bas

Rivedell Radio
Hollande Pays-Bas Suede

Der Erweckungs, Allemagne

SG Radio

Radio Rossini, Italie

Web Radio RNDOR
Allemagne Synthesizer Greatests, Allemagne Italie Padova, Italie

COTN Radio, Suisse

Radio De Bem Com a Vida

Aural Awakenings
Suisse Bresil Aural Awakenings

Vilnus Lounge Radio, Lituanie

Vilnus Lounge Radio, Lithuania

Sonar Lounge Music Radio,Serbie

Zephyr Planet Radio, Georgie
Lituanie Lituanie Serbie Georgie

La Dulce Presencia de Dios

Radio Eltekia

Web Radio RNDOR
La Dulce Presencia de Dios, Colombie Radio Eltekia, Egypte Dubai, Emirats Arabes Unis

Seven Rays Radio

Happy Day Radio

Taiwan Lounge Radio
Ukraine Ukraine HappyDay Radio, Corée Taiwan

New Age Radio,Russie

Radiominor RU

Radio Atmosfera, Russie

City Eden Radio
Russie Russie Russie Moscou

Art City Radio

OM Radio
Diffusion sur Art City Radio
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