Composers : Jacques Fafard et Sylvie Smith
Instruments : Piano, bass, synthetiseur, percussions, voices
Voices : Lise Charbonneau
Recording : Le Studio Mix Sonore enr. Mars 2014
Arrangements, mixing and mastering : Jacques Fafard et Sylvie Smith

Multi dimension CD is a CD that works with any conventional cd player, which we have added very low frequencies and a distribution of sounds that gives depth to the music. These low frequencies are called Schumann or 7.8hz Earth frequency . This is a natural and harmonised frequency that works best with human brain and organism, which helps for a reconnection with the nature and with yourself.
Decreases stress and rebalances, better concentration, increases performances and positive effects on health. The use of headphones increases the efficiency of the music but you can also feel the effects through speakers.

Listen and enjoy! Jacques Fafard, sound engineer
Extracts of concert Humanitude, Salon Santé Spiritualité Hotel Best Western, March 2014

Concerts: Humanitude, Méditation, Pleine Conscience, and Christmas concert.
For reservations: Sylvie Smith 819-336-2821 Jacques Fafard 819-850-7533