Jacques Fafard

Jacques Fafard

Composer from Drummondville (Quebec, Canada) producer, arranger, sound engineer, research and development at Le Studio Mix Sonore enr. for 28 years and multi-instrumentalist: keyboards, guitar, bass, drums, flute, didgeridoo and percussion
Private training, 3 years classical and popular piano, arrangements and percussion, radio host training. Compositions of audio and vocal recordings for many commercials radios and television jingles, for mall, albums and demos for semi-pro and professional artists. Working closely with Le Studio Midi 5 for advertising Tel-Jeunes, an organization to help teens, and television coverage of Softimage Montreal sold to Microsoft to promote their video services, sent to several world artists. Has been part of popular groups as drummer and voice.
Currently he composes therapeutic music with frequencies (Hz) that are added to the music to reduce stress, insomnia, depression, anxiety, agitation and promote calm, harmonization, concentration, rebalance and meditation and positive health effects.


Lise Charbonneau

Singer with angelic and therapeutic voice from Drummondville (Quebec, Canada) surprises us with a voice range of 4 octaves. Her VOCALISES (melodies without words) are like a musical instrument that amaze and soothe us in these times of uncertainty and changes. Co-producer and assistant in the mix of 5 albums at Editions Mix Sonore.
Diploma of College Studies (DEC) at the École Supérieur de Musique in Nicolet (Quebec Canada) in voice and piano, afterwards she teaches music. Director of choir for several years with children and adults, she participates in studio recordings of artists of the region as back vocal, many shows in hospitals, centers for elderly people, health center, childcare wedding and funeral. Several interviews and concerts on TV and radio, volunteers for concerts and for non-profit organizations.Diploma of Access Bars course.
Now, today the love of singing therapeutic songs and participating in the well-being of people and their health will vibrate your heart.


Joanne Gagnon

Early childhood educator for many years, she has a College Studies diploma in Social Sciences from Cegep Maisonneuve and an Attestation of College Studies Early childhood education from Cegep of Drummondville. She is also responsible for public relations and R&D at studio Mix Sonore enr.