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we are working on the recordings for our new album RÉSONANCES, 111 Hz experience, estimated release in December 2020

Gaia Fm Tauranga New Zealand now broadcasts our album Fleur de Vie

Moon Phase Radio (United Kingdom) broadcasts our album "Fleur de Vie" and all our albums. They said: "Fleur de Vie is a musical therapy"

Another Planet.FM (California) is now broadcasting our album Fleur de Vie.

Sonar Lounge Music Radio in Serbia is now broadcasting our album Fleur de Vie.

Radio Clevedon ( Grande Bretagne) and Radio Costa Del Mar Zen (Espagne) are now broadcasting our album Fleur de Vie. ---------------------------------------- Radio WDNOR ( Italie) is now broadcasting all our albums.

We are in le Répertoire d'animation culturelle de la MRC Drummond 2020 for conferences and live music, therapeutic and benefits.

March 5th, 2020, song 'Le Voyage Intérieur' is in 1st place on Radio Plénitude

We are a member of Mindful Music Association (Chicago) which presents conscious and therapeutic music to new audiences, all over the world

Méditation Pleine Conscience accréditée de l'Institut Source Santé

All our albums are on You see Music and Telmore Musinc (Denmark)

The album Fleur de Vie is in 4th position of the Top25 of January 2020 at Aura Awakening Radio (Orlando, Florida)

Radio Plenitude (France) broadcasts 2 random songs from the Fleur de Vie album every 2 hours for 1 month

Our albums will be broadcasted in Taiwan by Taiwan Lounge Radio

We will be broadcasted in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan by Tencent Music, the largest music platform in China with 700 million users.

We are now partners with Radio Tone Air (France) which will broadcast our albums. It is a radio that broadcasts all types of international music.

We have been nominated for the 2019 16th Edition of GalArt of Culture Centre du Quebec on the Arts de la Scène category for our album INVOCATION. Winners will be known on November 21st at the Faubourg Mont Bénilde de Bécancour.

Radio Атмосфера are broadcasting all our albums

Stranger Radio from Vancouver broadcasted a special program on curative music (therapeutic) with Mylle Fournier, animator and harpist. She chose our song Aurore Boreale from HUMANITUDE album with Schuman frequency.

Positivity Tranquil Radio, Great Britain, now broadcasting our albums.

Radio Rossini from Italy started broadcasting our music, Thank you!

AURAL AWAKENINGS started broadcasting our music. It is a major radio station in Orlando, Florida. All the great names of New Age music, relaxation, healing and spirituality are broadcasted.

We are now member of The New Age Music Circle community, a network for composers and artists from more than 60 countries.

Discover ou therapeutic music productions and our children educative programs. Go to “Audios” to access our samples and buy online

Fleur de vie




Mindful Music Association

Repertoire d'animation culturelle

All CDs are sold at the Librairie-Boutique La Clé D’Or (3035 boul. St-Joseph Drummondville J2B 8C6)
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    • Positivity Radio, Great Britain

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